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TYA & Associates

A Multidisciplinary Architectural & Engineering Consulting Firm Since1983

Brand Purpose

TYA & Associates was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and vision to provide innovative solutions to the most complex architectural and engineering problems. We have always believed in dreaming big to help improve individuals’ lives in the built environment around us.

Since our humble beginnings in 1983, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we have grown in magnitude, focusing on bringing our clients the next generation of future-proof design and project management solutions.

Over three decades later, our original vision remains at the core of
everything we do, and we continue to utilize highly skilled methods that combine striking design aesthetics with exceptional function.

Our services help enhance the standard of living, and quality of life for our wider society and inhabitants. We achieve this by combining science, technology, multidisciplinary expertise, and innovative thinking to create integrated architectural and engineering solutions and systems. The end result is designed to last the test of time and delight the end-users for generations.

Talal Yahya Ashgan CEO of TYA & Associates 

Talal Yahya Ashgan CEO of TYA & Associates

Building the Future

At TYA, our aim for the future is to continue to strive towards enhancing our status as a multidisciplinary leader in our architecture and engineering consultancy field whilst also working towards expanding our reach even further.

We aspire to build and create architectural and engineering solutions beyond the built environment; we want them to be ingrained in our culture and serve as a representation of how we see ourselves and the world.

By treating each project as a masterpiece and creating dynamic, inspired solutions, we help empower others to expand their minds and achieve their own dreams. 

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Our Core Values


Our word is our bond, and we pride ourselves on conducting business with honesty and strong principles in every collaboration.


Our actions are congruent with our beliefs, and we will be true to ourselves and our partners in all that we do.


We believe knowledge is power, and continued learning means more significant growth and boundless potential.


From start to finish, you can rely on us to honour our promises and deliver outstanding service consistently.

International Affiliation

Heritage & Future

Since our inception in 1983, we, TYA & Associates, have accrued immense project experience, broadened our skillsets, honed our talents, built long-lasting client bonds, experienced significant technological advancements, strengthened our knowledge base, and extended our innovation and inspiration – all across almost four decades.

As a visionary brand, we look towards the future each step of the way. Therefore, we make sure that every action and decision we take is aligned with where we began and the potential of where we can go.