Commercial Projects





1. Amir Majid Mixed-Use
Development. A prestigious large multi-use
development with hotels, residences, offices, shops and social amenities at intersection of Tahlia-Prince Majid Streets, Jeddah.

Naseel Holding Co.

600 M


2. Tahlia Towers
A very prestigious 30 storey high multi-use tower with distinctive architecture, at Tahlia Street, Jeddah.

Naseel Holding Co.

150 M




PDC Warehouse Expansion
Spare parts warehouse expansion at ALJ Company Parts Distribution Center in Khumra, Jeddah

Abdul Latif Jameel Co.

5 M


4. Al-Naghi School
An international boys & girls school designed to center for the very specific French based curricula, Jeddah

Al Naghi

13 M


5. Jeddah Tower
A very prestigious 75 storey high multi-use tower with an
alluring and iconic architecture, at Corniche Road
Abyar Real Estate Co. 130 M Current
6. King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh
Architectural design studies / concepts for housing types / villas. Developing several design prototypes and styles and site adaptation / optimization.
EMAAR 500 M 2007
7. Mahmood Saeed Mall @ Hera Street, Jeddah
Design & supervision of a three story mall with shops, restaurants, indoor children’s play areas and other auxiliary facilities. 60, 000M 2 built-up area on a 40,000M 2 site.
Mahmood Saeed Collective Co. 40 M 2006
8. Saudi Business Tower
Design & supervision of a 12 story prestigious commercial/office building with distinguished modern architecture and state of the art facilities/systems at Hera Street in Jeddah.
(Private) 10 M 2003-2007
9. Al-Amar Gold Mine Industrial
Area and Township in Riyadh. Master Planning and design of all infrastructures, including roads, water distribution system, sanitary sewer system, power generation and distribution system and the buildings, such as, different types of housing, recreational facilities etc. On a 320,000 M 2 site
Petromin (MAHD) 126 M 1996-1997
10. University of Science and Technology in Taif
Final Design and supervision two of academic buildings and two groups of dormitories, including their related infrastructure facilities.
Prince Sultan Abdul Aziz 13 M 2003
11. Western Region Shop Stock
Facilities @ Rabigh and Jeddah Refineries. Design of the buildings and the complete infrastructure on a 120,000 M 2 site in Rabigh and 100,000 M 2 site in Jeddah.
Saudi RAMCO 18 M 1999
12. Mutairy Plaza Complex
Design & supervision of multistory prestigious furnished apartments with shopping, convention / celebration halls and auxiliary facilities in Jeddah.
(Private) 15.5 M 2003
13. Radar Towers
Design & supervision of the rader towers, the control rooms and the power and communications infrastructure in King Khalid Int. Airport in Riyadh and King Abdulaziz Int. Airport in Jeddah.

Presidency of Civil Aviation (PCA)

4 M 2002-2003
14. Riyadh Lexus Center
Design of a commercial and service center for a prestigious showroom, high- tech service workshops, offices, Lexus club facilities, workers housing, garages, water and waste treatment, distinguished landscaping etc. 50,000 M 2 built- up area on a 30,000 M 2 site.

Abdul Latif Jameel Co.

65 M 2002
15. Vacuum Distillation Unit-5
Overhead Condensate Recovery System in Jeddah Refinery. Design of a condensate collection, treatment, recovery and disposal system.

Saudi Aramco

2.8 M 2000
16. Disabled Children Rehabilitation Center in Medina
Design review of a medical, educational, recreational and residential facilities complex.

The Association of Disabled

11.2M 2001
17. Al-Qaseem Hospital at Buraidah
Design review of a 23,000 M 2 built-up area hospital with comprehensive medical facilities on a 90,000 M 2 site.

Al-Qaseem Medical Services Co.

70 M 2001
18. Reda Hotel
Design of a multi- storey deluxe five-star resort hotel in Al-Hada in Taif.

Reda Co. For Inv. & Dev

20 M 2001
19. High-Rise Seafront Deluxe Condominium Apartments
Design of a prestigious high-rise furnished apartment’s complex at Jeddah corniche area.
(Private) 21.5 M 2001
20. Pharmaceutical/Medical
Supplies Warehouses. Design and supervision of special warehouse and offices in Riyadh

Al-Kamal Est. For Medical Supplies

2.3 M 2001
21. McDonald’s
Restaurants in the Western Region (20 nos. to date)

Reza Food Services Co.

15 M 1998-2007
22. K-9 Kennel Facilities
Design of two canine training facilities at Jizan Bulk Plant and at Jeddah Marine Area

Saudi Aramco

2 M 97-2000
23. NSCSA Western Region Headquarter Offices
Design of a Multi-story office building for the National Shopping Co. in Jeddah.

National Shipping Co.

4 M 1999
24. Replacement/upgrade of Fire Water Line
Iin Marine Oil Terminal, Jeddah. Complete design for rerouting the main 16”- 20” seawater lines from the pumping station to sea terminals and to the tankage area inside the Jeddah Refinery.

Saudi Aramco

2.4 M 98-99
25. King Khalid Hospital Oncology Center
Iin Jeddah. Design of complete electrical and mechanical systems for the building and infrastructure.

National Guard

6.4 M 1998
26. Replacement/Upgrade of Substation “N”
In Jeddah Refinery. Detailed Electrical and Civil Design and engineering for double-ended submition at Jeddah Refinery.

Saudi Aramco

2.7 M 97-98
27. Mahmood Saeed Showrooms- 1&2
Design & supervision of two multi story cars and furniture’s showroom buildings with offices and auxiliary facilities at two sites in Jeddah.
Mahmoud Saeed Collective Co. 27 M 2003 – 2004
28. Al-Baraka Islamic Bank
Headquarter Building in Bahrain. Design and Project management of a prestigious mid-rise bank building.
Dallah Albaraka 20 M 96-98
29. Sea Pilgrims City in Jeddah Port Area.
Design of a group of multi- story dormitory buildings, shops and a mosque for the short team stay of pilgrims. AIN AZIZIA WATER AUTHORITY
  9.6 M 1996
30. Air Fueling Unit Workshops and Refueler’s Sheds at Tabuk Airport.
Design of service facilities for refulers including the buildings and the utility infrastructure.

Saudi Aramco

4.5 M 1995-1996

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